Jan 132016

If Social Media had been around when GW Bush was President, no doubt there would have been nasty memes and heated arguments. I wouldn’t have shared or re-posted those. I probably would have shared why I thought he was wrong, what I would prefer or think would be a better choice. I respect the post of Presidency in this country no matter who is in office.

I am deeply disappointed by the hatred and venom spewed at President Obama. No thoughtful “this is why I think he’s wrong” or “I think we should do this” but rather epitaphs and nasty sound bites, half truths and lies.

I haven’t heard anything from the GOP about alternatives, improvements, or why something is “not good for the people of this country”. That is where some of my frustration lies. I accept there will always be a difference of opinion on what’s best for our country and lively debate is necessary for us to move forward. However, deafening silence or words of derision is useless and counter-productive.

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Jan 132016

Watching President Obama giving his last SOTU was satisfying. He affectively called out the Republicans on several issues.

GOP presidential candidates act like the USA is doing nothing about ISIL when in fact action is being taken. He let the American people know this.

He let the public know the GOP heavy Congress has been uncooperative (surprise surprise) and ineffective. He also reminded Everyone that Founding Fathers never, ever expected everyone to agree, but did expect compromise. Personally, I’m fed up with arrogant, ego driven, uncompromising politicians.

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