Feb 232016

The great divide in our country is bigotry.

Obama has opened the future to diverse possibilities, but our country has exploded with racial bigotry because of the color of his skin. It is no longer behind closed doors. The evil is out in the open and all we can do is hope a real healing is in process.

I keep hearing Republicans, voters and elected both, speak how he has been the cause for creating more racial divide. They are lying to themselves. Their bigotry is out in the open for all to see, and those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear know this truth.

States are now enacting Jim Crow laws against LGBT because they can no longer do it based on a persons skin color.

Republican candidates point the finger at illegal immigrants as the woes of our societ instead of the real causes, like businesses moving labor intensive jobs elsewhere because they can better take advantage of desperate people in countries with no labor or safety laws.

Sadly, even many Christian Sects are joining the travesty. Some subtly and some not subtle. I want the IRS to void their non-profit status. I do not want religious opinions to rule my country, I want common sense and our Constitution to rule my country.

Bigotry in all it’s nasty, bitter ignorance is out in the open. It’s painful but to heal the bandaids has to come off. It’s a smelly open wound that needs fresh air and truth to heal.


Feb 232016

I will vote for Bernie Sanders in the Primaries and I almost desperately want him to be our Democrat Candidate for President. I want him to be our new President. We need hope and a wise person as head of our country. He has a core of beliefs closely aligned with mine and has proved he has the fortitude to continue pushing his agenda of Justice for all in every aspect of life. He is a realistic optimist.

Just as Obama has faced unprecedented bigotry so will Bernie. Bernie is Jewish and will face a barrage of hateful commentary from certain Christian Sects. I believe he is strong enough, grounded enough in his morals and beliefs, he will get through it with dignity, integrity, and grace, just like Obama has gotten through it with the same qualities.

Feb 102016

Once again I vow off all things political. There’s no point voicing my opinion because just like most people by now, I know who I’m voting for in the primary. The actual election is going to be a bitter fight to the end.

I’m familiar with the Republican candidates and have my opinions on each one, which sometimes changes slightly as I learn a bit more. I’ve been inundated with the radical side of the Conservative view, have an idea of what the moderate GOP view is.

Time will tell where next we will go as a Nation.

We have survived good, bad, and mediocre Presidencies. We have survived contentious Congresses, cooperative Congresses, and everything in between. In general, our Government with it’s checks and balances works pretty well for a country as big as we are.