Jun 042016

Some people sneer at being politically correct. I think people who sneer at it are bullies looking for an easy target or a scapegoat.

Choosing to be politically correct is the practice of self control and restraint, it is civilized and productive.

In choosing which to embrace we are choosing how we want to live our lives. Do we find someone to blame or do we take responsibility? Do we seek solutions or choose to impose our will on others?

What do you choose?



Feb 232016

The great divide in our country is bigotry.

Obama has opened the future to diverse possibilities, but our country has exploded with racial bigotry because of the color of his skin. It is no longer behind closed doors. The evil is out in the open and all we can do is hope a real healing is in process.

I keep hearing Republicans, voters and elected both, speak how he has been the cause for creating more racial divide. They are lying to themselves. Their bigotry is out in the open for all to see, and those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear know this truth.

States are now enacting Jim Crow laws against LGBT because they can no longer do it based on a persons skin color.

Republican candidates point the finger at illegal immigrants as the woes of our societ instead of the real causes, like businesses moving labor intensive jobs elsewhere because they can better take advantage of desperate people in countries with no labor or safety laws.

Sadly, even many Christian Sects are joining the travesty. Some subtly and some not subtle. I want the IRS to void their non-profit status. I do not want religious opinions to rule my country, I want common sense and our Constitution to rule my country.

Bigotry in all it’s nasty, bitter ignorance is out in the open. It’s painful but to heal the bandaids has to come off. It’s a smelly open wound that needs fresh air and truth to heal.


Feb 232016

I will vote for Bernie Sanders in the Primaries and I almost desperately want him to be our Democrat Candidate for President. I want him to be our new President. We need hope and a wise person as head of our country. He has a core of beliefs closely aligned with mine and has proved he has the fortitude to continue pushing his agenda of Justice for all in every aspect of life. He is a realistic optimist.

Just as Obama has faced unprecedented bigotry so will Bernie. Bernie is Jewish and will face a barrage of hateful commentary from certain Christian Sects. I believe he is strong enough, grounded enough in his morals and beliefs, he will get through it with dignity, integrity, and grace, just like Obama has gotten through it with the same qualities.

Feb 102016

Once again I vow off all things political. There’s no point voicing my opinion because just like most people by now, I know who I’m voting for in the primary. The actual election is going to be a bitter fight to the end.

I’m familiar with the Republican candidates and have my opinions on each one, which sometimes changes slightly as I learn a bit more. I’ve been inundated with the radical side of the Conservative view, have an idea of what the moderate GOP view is.

Time will tell where next we will go as a Nation.

We have survived good, bad, and mediocre Presidencies. We have survived contentious Congresses, cooperative Congresses, and everything in between. In general, our Government with it’s checks and balances works pretty well for a country as big as we are.

Jan 232016

The USA has a tradition of Judeo-Christian values. In my opinion this does not mean our churches should take on the burden to be the safety-net for those in crisis, no matter what the crisis. It is up to everyone and the best way is through our social programs which is funded through our taxes. How about the Government tithe 10% towards the care of those who cannot care for themselves? Imagine the work training, education, medical assistance, housing assistance, food provided to our Military families, our Veterans, children, the working poor, the jobless, the homeless. None of it for the Corporations or Financial Institutes who are “too big to fail” or their poor widdle executives who have to give up millions in bonuses.

If there wasn’t so much greed and fear we wouldn’t need to fund this through the Federal Government. Sadly that’s exactly what must happen.

Jan 142016

I’ve been abandoned by my GOP Debate texting buddy, she went on vacation. Beyatch. That leaves me to brave, all alone, another evening of doing my best to wade through the muck and mire for the gems that will help me understand the Republican stance.

There will, no doubt, be at least three on the stage that fall short of intelligent (intelligible?) commentary. Watching Rand Paul on The Nightly Show with Trevor Noah the other night has given me a leg up in my endeavor to find Republicans I can respect while disagreeing with them.

I watched a few minutes of the Junior Varsity so I’m not expecting much beyond what I’ve seen in the past. There are still too many candidates on the main stage for any of them to have time to clearly state their position, therefore I expect too many sound bites, Obama is evil/caused all the problems, or “this is why you should elect me” responses.

This is a crazy political year. Politics as usual on both sides is under attack. The Republicans have their (to me) obvious too extreme contenders. The Democrats have Bernie. (At this time it would be prejudicial of me to extoll how intelligent and witty he is).

Regardless, I am grateful I live in a country where we can have lively disagreements without fear of reprisal. (Social Media notwithstanding).

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Jan 132016

If Social Media had been around when GW Bush was President, no doubt there would have been nasty memes and heated arguments. I wouldn’t have shared or re-posted those. I probably would have shared why I thought he was wrong, what I would prefer or think would be a better choice. I respect the post of Presidency in this country no matter who is in office.

I am deeply disappointed by the hatred and venom spewed at President Obama. No thoughtful “this is why I think he’s wrong” or “I think we should do this” but rather epitaphs and nasty sound bites, half truths and lies.

I haven’t heard anything from the GOP about alternatives, improvements, or why something is “not good for the people of this country”. That is where some of my frustration lies. I accept there will always be a difference of opinion on what’s best for our country and lively debate is necessary for us to move forward. However, deafening silence or words of derision is useless and counter-productive.

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Jan 132016

Watching President Obama giving his last SOTU was satisfying. He affectively called out the Republicans on several issues.

GOP presidential candidates act like the USA is doing nothing about ISIL when in fact action is being taken. He let the American people know this.

He let the public know the GOP heavy Congress has been uncooperative (surprise surprise) and ineffective. He also reminded Everyone that Founding Fathers never, ever expected everyone to agree, but did expect compromise. Personally, I’m fed up with arrogant, ego driven, uncompromising politicians.

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Jan 082016

Entitlements. Get it straight, it’s a crock to say food and shelter assistance are entitlements.

Ranchers receive government subsidies. That is Entitlements.
Members of Congress receive government pensions. That is Entitlements.
Corporations receive tax credits for a variety of reasons unknown to most of the general population. That is Entitlement.
Bail Outs are Entitlements.

Keeping the minimum wage below the poverty line is entitling business owners who take advantage of this to get wealthier.

Social Security and Medicare are not Entitlements, they are earned by being a productive member of society for decades. They are paid for by the employee and employer putting funds into a Trust Fund with the Federal Government. Congress needs to repay those loans with same interest rate as the average Student Loans.

Food stamps and housing assistance (no matter what the current model is actually called) are not Entitlements, they are SAFETY NETS. If generations are living at this poverty level we need to find solutions to break the cycle other than killing people by stopping the benefits.

The Veterans Administration is not an entitlement. It was earned by participating in Military Service and a bigger chunk of our Military Budget should go to housing and health care for Veterans.

I’m pissed at politicians saying Safety Nets are going to bankrupt this country. I call BS.