Jan 142016

I’ve been abandoned by my GOP Debate texting buddy, she went on vacation. Beyatch. That leaves me to brave, all alone, another evening of doing my best to wade through the muck and mire for the gems that will help me understand the Republican stance.

There will, no doubt, be at least three on the stage that fall short of intelligent (intelligible?) commentary. Watching Rand Paul on The Nightly Show with Trevor Noah the other night has given me a leg up in my endeavor to find Republicans I can respect while disagreeing with them.

I watched a few minutes of the Junior Varsity so I’m not expecting much beyond what I’ve seen in the past. There are still too many candidates on the main stage for any of them to have time to clearly state their position, therefore I expect too many sound bites, Obama is evil/caused all the problems, or “this is why you should elect me” responses.

This is a crazy political year. Politics as usual on both sides is under attack. The Republicans have their (to me) obvious too extreme contenders. The Democrats have Bernie. (At this time it would be prejudicial of me to extoll how intelligent and witty he is).

Regardless, I am grateful I live in a country where we can have lively disagreements without fear of reprisal. (Social Media notwithstanding).

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