Jan 082016

Entitlements. Get it straight, it’s a crock to say food and shelter assistance are entitlements.

Ranchers receive government subsidies. That is Entitlements.
Members of Congress receive government pensions. That is Entitlements.
Corporations receive tax credits for a variety of reasons unknown to most of the general population. That is Entitlement.
Bail Outs are Entitlements.

Keeping the minimum wage below the poverty line is entitling business owners who take advantage of this to get wealthier.

Social Security and Medicare are not Entitlements, they are earned by being a productive member of society for decades. They are paid for by the employee and employer putting funds into a Trust Fund with the Federal Government. Congress needs to repay those loans with same interest rate as the average Student Loans.

Food stamps and housing assistance (no matter what the current model is actually called) are not Entitlements, they are SAFETY NETS. If generations are living at this poverty level we need to find solutions to break the cycle other than killing people by stopping the benefits.

The Veterans Administration is not an entitlement. It was earned by participating in Military Service and a bigger chunk of our Military Budget should go to housing and health care for Veterans.

I’m pissed at politicians saying Safety Nets are going to bankrupt this country. I call BS.


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