Jan 052016

OMG. The minority gun enthusiasts are in a tail spin because President Obama is making small steps towards safety from guns.

“WASHINGTON — President Obama will announce executive actions on Tuesday intended to expand background checks for some firearm purchases and step up federal enforcement of the nation’s gun laws, White House officials said Monday, once again trying to sidestep a gridlocked Congress on a politically divisive issue.

But faced with clear legal limitations on his authority, Mr. Obama will take modest steps that stop well short of the kind of large-scale changes to the gun trade that he unsuccessfully sought from Congress three years ago. That legislation would have closed loopholes that allow millions of guns to be sold without background checks at gun shows or in online firearm exchanges.

Instead, Mr. Obama will clarify that existing laws require anyone making a living by selling guns to register as a licensed gun dealer and conduct background checks. White House officials said the president would note that criminal penalties already exist for violating those laws.”

They spent months determining first steps. And first words out of Republican Presidential candidates “the first thing I’ll do is reverse every Obama executive action”. Doesn’t matter if they’re good, bad, or indifferent.

I am so sad the color of his skin has brought the slimey worst of our society above ground.


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