Jan 132016

If Social Media had been around when GW Bush was President, no doubt there would have been nasty memes and heated arguments. I wouldn’t have shared or re-posted those. I probably would have shared why I thought he was wrong, what I would prefer or think would be a better choice. I respect the post of Presidency in this country no matter who is in office.

I am deeply disappointed by the hatred and venom spewed at President Obama. No thoughtful “this is why I think he’s wrong” or “I think we should do this” but rather epitaphs and nasty sound bites, half truths and lies.

I haven’t heard anything from the GOP about alternatives, improvements, or why something is “not good for the people of this country”. That is where some of my frustration lies. I accept there will always be a difference of opinion on what’s best for our country and lively debate is necessary for us to move forward. However, deafening silence or words of derision is useless and counter-productive.

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