Dec 292015

As I’ve contemplated what I want to accomplish with this Blog I realize I want to be part of the healing paradigm. I considered posting my strong political and social opinions here, but to what purpose other than creating more conflict. We have plenty being posted on social media, opiniated “news”, hate mongering public figures, propaganda, lies & half truths, contentious rhetoric. I decided I would leave my self-righteous disagreements in my diary. Those might come in handy in the future, for now the cathartic experience of writing it down will suffice.

I’ve spent decades exploring the spiritual world, that part of me that seeks to be at peace within the world. While I have nothing new to say, maybe something I say in a new way will help someone on their path. My process has incorporated Christianity, Atheism, Agnosticsm, Gnosticism, New Age psychic and ethereal, Buddhism, prayer, meditation, and contemplation. And love of Science Fiction. Surely within all that I’ve studied some good can be shared.


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