Jan 012016

I am shocked every time I am confronted by someone stating, and believing, that people on Welfare (or whatever it is called now), actually live like that because they want to. I can believe someone stuck in poverty or in the cycle of poverty is there because they don’t know how else to survive. But to choose it because they don’t want to “work”?? That’s insane. If you live in poverty it takes a lot of work to stay warm, clothed, and fed. It is constantly living in fear. It is demeaning, dehumanizing, and demoralizing. How does someone get out of this cycle if every activity is centered on survival?

There are people who yearn for a new car, a new outfit, a new haircut and lament they can’t afford it. This is not poverty.

There are people who lament they have a co-pay at their doctor’s office and now they can’t afford that CD. This is not poverty.

Poverty is walking to a Food Pantry, if one is available. It is putting paper in your shoes to stay warm. It is waiting until a medical emergency occurs to be given health care in an emergency room. It is living in ways I can barely imagine because I’ve always had enough.

Poverty is not for the weak.